We are SO excited that you have agreed to model a shirt for Lemon Tee Shop, LLC.  We hope you are excited too, Annie is great and will keep the shots fun and relaxed.  You’re beautiful, and we want to capture you at your best.   Here are few things to keep in mind for the shoot, I know it's kind of a lot of information, but please read through it completely, as it will ensure we get great photos:

HAIR:  Great hair helps make great photos.  We are looking for hair that looks 'natural', but really took ya 2 hours to do . . . you know what we're talking about.   Feel free to style your hair in a way that is natural for you, whether it be up, down, braided, etc.

SKIN: Make-up for the teenagers/women is necessary even if you don’t wear it daily.  We don’t recommend over doing your make-up.  If you like heavy make-up, please consider using less for this shoot.

GROOMING: Be clean!  Clean teeth, clean noses, clean eyes, clean hair, and fresh scrubbed teeth.  Don't come with dirty fingernails, & well groomed eyebrows are a must.  Touch up any fingernail/toenail polish - please no chipped nails.

You will be modeling our shirts so please pick items that coordinate with the tee.  You’ll want to wear clothes that flatter you. Bring clothes that you feel good in, clothes that you love, and please don't feel the need to shop for new clothes to pair with our tee.  Bring a few pairs of your favorite jeans/leggings/skirts.  Basically, whatever you usually wear a t-shirt with.  You'll likely be moving around during your session… sitting, standing, etc, so you'll want clothes that allow you to do that, while looking great.    Feel free to bring more clothing options than you think we will use.  Since we are modeling our shirts, we are mainly talking about pants, cardigans, jewelry, hair accessories & shoes.  Take notice of any/all shoes you bring, they will be seen in many of the photographs, so clean shoes are best.  

Don't hesitate to e-mail with any questions!   Thank you again!